-- Title : [Tools] Jupyter Notebook 단축키
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-- Key word : python 파이썬 jupyter notebook 주피터 노트북

■ Jupyter notebook 명령키 일람

 Command Mode (press Esc to enable) Edit Mode (press Enter to enable)
 Enter  enter edit mode Tab  code completion or indent
 Shift-Enter  run cell, select below Shift-Tab  tooltip
 Ctrl-Enter  run cell Ctrl-]  indent
 Alt-Enter  run cell, insert below Ctrl-[  dedent
 Y  to code Ctrl-A  select all
 M  to markdown Ctrl-Z  undo
 R  to raw Ctrl-Shift-Z  redo
 1 to heading 1 Ctrl-Y  redo
 2 to heading 2 Ctrl-Home  go to cell start
 3 to heading 3 Ctrl-Up  go to cell start
 4 to heading 4 Ctrl-End  go to cell end
 5 to heading 5 Ctrl-Down  go to cell end
 6 to heading 6 Ctrl-Left  go one word left
 Up  select cell above Ctrl-Right  go one word right
 K  select cell above Ctrl-Backspace  delete word before
 Down  select cell below Ctrl-Delete  delete word after
 J  select cell below Esc  command mode
 A  insert cell above Ctrl-M  command mode
 B  insert cell below Shift-Enter  run cell, select below
 X  cut selected cell Ctrl-Enter  run cell
 C  copy selected cell Alt-Enter  run cell, insert below
 Shift-V  paste cell above Ctrl-Shift-Subtract  split cell
 V  paste cell below Ctrl-Shift--  split cell
 Z  undo last cell deletion Ctrl-S  Save and Checkpoint
 D,D  delete selected cell Up  move cursor up or previous cell
 Shift-M  merge cell below Down  move cursor down or next cell
 S  Save and Checkpoint Shift  ignore
 Ctrl-S  Save and Checkpoint
 L  toggle line numbers
 O  toggle output
 Shift-O  toggle output scrolling
 Esc  close pager
 Q  close pager
 H  show keyboard shortcut help
 I,I  interrupt kernel
 0,0  restart kernel
 Space  scroll down
 Shift-Space  scroll up
 Shift  ignore


 기타 명령 모음

  - ipynb 파일 → py 파일 변환

    콘솔창에서 아래 명령 수행

    > jupyter nbconvert --to script [파일명].ipynb

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